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Behavioral Problems & Counseling

Behavioral Problems & Counseling

Behavioral problems in a pet raise concerns about the future of the animal in your family. When you recognize the potential problems that may arise and seek counseling and treatment for your pet, you address the problems and start ensuring that your pet remains healthy throughout different stages of his or her life.

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Common Behavioral Problems a Veterinarian Treats

Our veterinarians can treat behavioral problems to prevent complications with your pet's well-being. By recognizing the common problems that your pet may face, you can set up an appointment with a professional during normal veterinarian hours.

The common problems that may impact your pet include:

  • Seeming lethargic or sleeping too much, which may seem like general laziness
  • Aggression or aggressive displays toward other pets or family members
  • Startling easily
  • Overeating or a lack of appetite
  • Excessive behaviors, such as excessively chasing a tail or excessive pacing
  • Licking compulsively and without a clear underlying ailment to cause the behavior

Any behavior that seems odd for your pet or that persists to cause problems may require proper treatment and counseling. By working with vets near Evans GA, you address the behavioral concerns before it causes problems for your family and lifestyle.

Basics of Behavioral Counseling for Pets

Behavioral counseling for pets at an animal hospital is a process that focuses on identifying the cause of the behavior and making positive changes in your pet. The treatment is a process that actively involves the pet owners to prevent complications and ensure that your pet remains healthy and active.

The initial stage of treatment is an evaluation from vets near Evans GA. A professional determines when an anxiety condition, depression, aggression or other behaviors may stem from a medical condition. By ruling out medical causes, you ensure that your pet obtains proper treatment for the situation.

A professional then provides solutions based on the symptoms and behaviors your pet may display. For example, we may recommend a combination of behavioral therapy with training to prevent certain behaviors and medication to help with certain symptoms. Our treatments depend on the unwanted behaviors and the specific needs of your pet. We also teach pet owners to handle potential problems to ensure the safety of your pets.

When to Seek a Veterinarian near Evans, GA

You want to seek a veterinarian near Evans GA for your pet when you notice a significant change to your pet's behavior or when the behavior puts you, family members and other pets at risk. Do not wait to seek treatment until a pet's aggression causes biting, scratching or other dangerous behaviors. Pay attention to odd actions and inform a veterinarian about the situation. We may recommend behavioral counseling for your pet at our animal hospital.

By treating the problem at an early stage, you prevent complications with a pet's health from the unwanted behavior. It also ensures that your pet does not continue causing harm to his or her body. It is particularly important to seek treatment when your pet shows signs of aggression.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Evans for More Information!

Behavioral problems occur for a variety of reasons and factors, but counseling from a professional helps you and your pet manage the unwanted actions. To learn more about treating behavioral concerns or to set up a veterinary appointment, call (706) 303-4571 today.

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