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Pet Boarding at Our Animal Hospital in Evans, GA

Whether you need to board your pet when you are vacationing or suddenly face an emergency that takes you away from your home, your veterinarian near Evans GA would like you to know that our animal hospital provides a loving, safe environment for your pet while you are away. We understand how hard it is for you to leave pet behind when you want to or have to go on a trip. That's why we are more than happy to show you around our boarding facility and meet with the veterinarian and technicians who will be taking care of your pet. We also encourage pet owners who plan to board with us to bring their pet in several times before actually boarding; this way your pet won't be unfamiliar with his or her surroundings or feel anxious before actually boarding with us.

Dog peeking under a fence.

Boarding Services Provided by Our Vets near Evans, GA

If pets require medication or special attention to disabilities, our veterinarian or vet technicians will administer skilled care and medications exactly as prescribed. Pets recovering from illnesses or surgery are also welcome at our animal hospital. We always make sure that medically or physically compromised animals are separated from uncompromised boarders to ensure their health and safety. Any concerns you have about leaving your pet with our animal hospital vets near Evans GA are answered as completely and quickly as possible.

In case treatment methods need modified or your pet's health status changes. we always get in touch with you ASAP through the contact information you provide. Each case is assigned a vet technician and a veterinarian reviews your pet's health and well-being during daily rounds in our boarding area.

Boarded animals in our care receive plenty of supervised playtime and exercise, human contact time and a lot of petting! All canine boarders are walked at least four times a day to provide them with the physical and emotional benefits of exercise and "people" time. In addition, we will bathe your pet upon request if you plan to be gone longer than a few days

Pets boarding at our animal hospital are never left alone. We have skilled support staff on duty 24/7. You can also bring your pet's favorite food or we can provide nutritious dog or cat food from our own supplies.

Cat boarding services include individual or group housing, depending on what you think is best for your cat. We offer spacious rooms, feline-friendly amenities and Feliway diffuser therapy (at your request) for providing cats with the scent of calming pheromones.

Contact Our Local Evans Veterinarian for More Information on Pet Boarding

If you are interested in learning more about Hill Top Animal Hospital's boarding services or veterinarian hours, please call your veterinarian near Evans, GA today at (706) 303-4571.

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