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Immunization Awareness

Pet Immunization Awareness with our Evans Veterinarian

Getting your pet immunized could save its life. The vaccines we give at Hill Top Animal Hospital in Evans prevent deadly diseases that could harm your pet and others. The first step to keeping your pet healthy is to give us the chance to update its shots.

Cat and Dog
What Is Immunization Awareness?

Just as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) promotes vaccinations for humans, so too, do veterinarians encourage shots for pets. Immunization awareness helps decrease the diseases you and your pet are exposed to. Rabies is one example of a disease that can be transmitted to humans, and there is no cure. Once symptoms appear in people or pets, the disease is always fatal. Pet immunization awareness and laws requiring rabies vaccines have made this frightening disease much less common in cats and dogs.

Why Is Immunization Important?

Aside from preventing the spread of pet-to-human diseases, immunization keeps your pets happy and healthy by stopping the spread of animal-to-animal illnesses. If you board your pet or take your dog to a park where it meets other pets, you put your animal at risk of contracting a disease from another cat or dog. Vaccines prevent many of these problems such as distemper and parvovirus. Your pet can live longer and healthier when you have its shots up-to-date.

Cats and Dogs Need Shots

Both cats and dogs, whether they live indoors only or not, need to have their shots up-to-date. Our vets offer core and elective vaccines. If you're not sure whether your pet needs a specific vaccine, ask us. If you're new to Evans, bring your pet's immunization records with you when you visit our office. The records will help the veterinarian know which vaccines or boosters your pets need.

Call Hill Top Animal Hospital for Vaccines

When you set an appointment with a veterinarian at Hill Top Animal Hospital, you get the chance to make a difference in your animal's life and in the lives of other pets. Make the choice today to fulfill your pet's vaccine schedule. Let our Evans animal hospital help you out. Call us at (706) 303-4571 today.

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