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Pet Dermatology

Dermatology Services at Hill Top Animal Hospital

When your beloved pet is miserable, so are you -- and few issues can cause more discomfort and distress than a nagging skin rash or other forms of skin irritation. Skin problems in pets can stem from a variety of causes, from allergies to pest infestations. But whatever is causing your pet's particular skin issue, our team at Hill Top Animal Hospital can provide dermatology services ranging from disease treatment to preventative care.

veterinarian searching dog for skin infection

Types, Causes and Symptoms of Pet Skin Problems

Some pet skin conditions are related to underlying diseases such as thyroid disorders or adrenal gland problems called Cushing's disease, while others are associated with allergic reactions, pests, and bacterial or fungal infections. Allergic dermatitis can be triggered, not only by pollens, grasses, and airborne allergens but also by specific foods. Such a reaction typically takes the form of an itchy rash. Flea and tick bites can also cause allergic dermatitis. Animals that bite or lick these lesions may create "hot spots" and wounds on their skin, which may then attract bacteria to cause secondary infections.

External infections and infestations may cause both skin lesions and hair loss. For instance, a fungal infection called ringworm may leave your pet with ring-shaped bald patches as well as redness, dryness, and irritation. Sarcoptic mange, a disease called by the scabies mite, causes both a rash and hair loss triggered by obsessive scratching. Last but not least, you need to be aware that skin cancer is not uncommon in pets. A lump or mass on your pet's body may be only a benign tumor, or it may be a malignancy.

Treatment and Prevention Options From Our Evans GA Veterinarians

Our Evans GA veterinarians can diagnose and treat your pet's skin problem. Issues such as pest infestations, mange, and ringworm are fairly easy to identify and treat with medications. Allergies may require more of a process of elimination, aided and abetted by lab tests to pinpoint your pet's specific allergen. Acute allergy symptoms can be eased with drugs such as antihistamines. We may remove a suspicious lump so we can perform a biopsy on it and decide whether further treatment is indicated. On the preventative side, we can prescribe hypoallergenic diets, changes to your pet's environment, and medications to prevent future flea, tick, or mite infestations. If an underlying medical condition is causing the skin symptoms, we can treat that underlying disorder as well.

Your Pet Deserves Healthy Skin

Trust our Hill Top Animal Hospital to help your pet enjoy the life of healthy skin that every animal needs and deserves.

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