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Pet Microchipping

Pet Microchipping from our Evans Veterinarian Team

Cat getting a microchip from Evans VeterinarianOur Evans veterinarian team is proud to offer microchipping services for local pet owners. We feel this is a simple yet hugely effective way to protect your sweet animal companion in the event she or he goes missing. 

Benefits of Microchipping Your Cat, Dog, and Other Animals

Pets go missing all the time in this country; the American Humane Society puts the estimate at around 10 million cats and dogs per year. They may wander and get lost, become displaced by inclement weather, or even get stolen. But even if your animal gets lost and is then surrendered to an animal hospital or shelter, it doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll be able to reconnect; sadly, millions of lost animals never return to their forever families again! 

Here's why we strongly encourage you to have a microchip implanted in your animal:

  • Microchips aren't GPS devices, but they drastically improve the chances of being reunited with your lost animal. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association, only about 22% of dogs on average who are brought to shelters are reunited with their families—but if they have a microchip, the rate of recovery jumps to over 50%. The numbers were even more striking for stray cats, with only 2% on average reuniting with their families but 38% returning to owners if they had a microchip.
  • Microchip implantations are simple, quick, and affordable. A microchip is small (about the size of a grain of rice) and is easily implanted just beneath your pet's skin using a large hypodermic needle. No need to put your pet under sedation. And because it's virtually unnoticeable, it can't fall off or be taken off. Permanent identification at its finest!
  • Microchips use state-of-the-art technology and securely store your contact information. Each microchip contains a digitally stored identification number that is linked with an account you set up at the database registry. If your pet is recovered, he or she can be scanned with a microchip reading device which will then activate the chip and send an alert to the registry. The company can then contact you to let you know your animal's been found!

Schedule an Appointment with our Evans Veterinarian Now

Stop by Hill Top Animal Hospital today or contact us by calling to schedule an appointment with an Evans veterinarian for a microchip implantation. These are appointments are quick and easy and can be done in conjunction with other services including vaccinations or pet dental cleanings. Call (706) 303-4571 today and ask about our current special offers!


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