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Pet Obesity From Hill Top Animal Hospital

America's got an obesity epidemic, and it's not just with humans. Over half of all pets in this country are overweight or obese, and the amount gets higher every year. For many pet owners, it's not hard to figure out that their dog or cat is carrying too many pounds, but healthy animals are leaner than most people think. At Hill Top Animal Hospital, we see overweight pets every day, and a great many of their owners don't even realize their pet had a weight problem. Fluffy and pudgy aren't cute, they're signs of impending health problems that you and our veterinarian need to work toward solving.

pet obesity from our animal hospital in Evans, GA

Veterinarian Talks About Checking Your Pet's Weight

It can be tough to judge whether your pet has a weight problem, especially if it has long hair. For a quick obesity test, feel your pet around its spine and ribs. You should be able to feel all the bones with only a very thin layer of fat between the skin and bones. It should be easy for you to count your pet's ribs. If you have a hard time feeling the ribcage, your pet is definitely overweight and should see a veterinarian.

Next, stand over your pet and look down. You should be able to see an hourglass figure, with an indented waistline. If your pet's sides are straight from shoulders to hips, or if they round out in the middle, it's time to deal with your pet's weight problem.

The best way to find out about your pet's weight is to have one of our vets near Evans GA measure and weigh it during a wellness checkup. Our vets know how much each breed should weigh, and can determine exactly how much your pet should lose in case it needs to get into shape.

What if Your Pet is Overweight?

Losing weight quickly is even more dangerous for pets than it is for human beings. Our vet will discuss a healthy weight loss plan with you, including food choices, exercise plans, and lifestyle changes. Healthy weight loss isn't quick; it can take up to a year for a pet to get down to a healthy weight. In the end, you'll have a happier pet that will give you more years of happy companionship.

Looking for a Veterinarian Near Evans, GA? Call Us Today!

If you're concerned about your dog or cat having too much weight, making an appointment for an evaluation is the important first step you should take. Our veterinarian hours are 8-6 on weekdays, and 8-12 on Saturday. Give us a call at (706) 303-4571 today to schedule an appointment.

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