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Puppy & Kitten Care

Primary Puppy and Kitten Care from Our Vets near Evans, GA

If you're the proud "parent" of a new puppy or kitten, congratulations! You're sure to have a wonderful time with your special friend, but of course, you want to ensure that those good times continue as long and smoothly as possible. Here at Hill Top Animal Hospital, our vets near Evans, GA are just as committed to your young pet's health and wellness as you are. That's why we're happy to offer primary puppy and kitten care services.

Puppy and Kitten happy about being healthy.

Veterinarian Hours and Services for Your Little Friend

Our animal hospital makes it easy for you to care for your puppy or kitten, with veterinarian hours from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, and from 8 am to 12 pm on Saturdays. While we're happy to see walk-in patients, it's always best to call ahead for an appointment so we can have everything ready for the patient.

Preventative care makes all the difference in getting your puppy or kitten's life off to a healthy start. Baby animals are delicate creatures that need an extra level of care and attention. Your veterinarian near Evans GA provides that care through such important services as:

  • Wellness exams - The first step in knowing what your little pet needs is to schedule a puppy or kitten wellness exam. These exams give us a solid understanding of your pet's baseline health while allowing us to look for common early-life issues such as worms. In addition to de-worming, weighing, lab tests, and physical inspections, we can advise you on key aspects of pet ownership.
  • Vaccinations - Your puppy or kitten only get a few weeks' worth of immune protection from his mother's milk, since he's had no opportunity to develop his own disease antibodies. We will administer core (essential) vaccinations to provide your pet with the immunization he needs. We may also recommend certain non-core (elective) vaccinations.
  • Pest/Parasite control - External pests and internal parasites can cause serious, possibly even fatal health challenges. We can put your puppy or kitten on a preventative program as early as possible to keep these pests and parasites at bay.
  • Spaying and neutering - Spay and neuter surgery not only prevents pregnancy; it can also protect your pet against serious reproductive diseases, including cancers, as well as dangerous behavioral issues.
  • Dietary considerations - Puppies and kittens need twice as many calories per pound than adult animals -- but too much can prove harmful. We can recommend the right type and quantity of puppy or kitten food for optimal health.
  • Behavior training and socialization - Your new puppy or kitten needs to learn how to live harmoniously with other pets and humans in your home. We can counsel you on key behavioral training and socialization measures.

For maximum peace of mind when caring for a puppy or kitten, give serious thought to purchasing pet insurance. A variety of plans and coverages are available, allowing you to choose the best one for your budget and your pet's needs. It's great to know you can always give your pet the care he needs!

Contact Our Veterinarian near Evans, GA

Are you ready to begin a lifetime of healthy adventures with your new puppy or kitten? Contact Hill Top Animal Hospital at (706) 303-4571 today to schedule an initial wellness exam or other services!

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