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Services Provided by Hilltop Animal Hospital, Our Veterinarians in Evans, GA

Dog recovering after surgery with the help of veterinarians.

Hilltop Animal Hospital provides comprehensive pet care in a welcoming environment. As a trusted veterinarian near Evans, GA, our team works hand-in-hand with you to ensure your pet always has access to the very best level of care and attention. We welcome you to bring in your pet for the care he or she needs. These are some of the services our veterinarians near Evans, GA can offer to you.

    • Emergency and Urgent Pet Care - If your pet is experiencing a life-threatening emergency or you need to schedule a same-day appointment, call our offices immediately. We’ll do our best to ensure your pet has access to the care necessary right away. We have a vet on duty six days a week. We’ll give you an estimated length of time for how long you’ll have to wait for same-day appointments.
    • Pet Wellness Exam - Schedule an annual wellness visit with your vet today. We’ll provide a full physical exam, handle routine vaccinations, and provide insight into additional care your pet may need.
    • Senior Pet Care - Older pets may need more diagnostic screenings and ongoing care for stiff joints and disease management. We’re here to help you with all of your older pet’s needs.
    • Puppy & Kitten Care - From an early age, your pets should be seen by our trusted team of veterinarians. We’ll provide all necessary vaccinations and guide you in nutritional and developmental needs.
    • Spay & Neuter - We recommend spaying and neutering pets to reduce aggression and to protect their overall health. We can begin doing this to some animals as young as eight weeks old.
    • Parasite Prevention & Control - Preventing parasites is easier to do than treating disease and illness. We offer a wide range of treatment options to prevent and control fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites your pet may be exposed to.
    • Boarding - Take a moment to fill out our form here to schedule your pet’s boarding needs. We’ll treat your pet with tender, love, and care.
    • Behavioral Counseling - If your pet seems to be aggressive, shy or struggling with anxiety, bring them in for an appointment. We offer comprehensive counseling services to you.
    • Microchipping - Microchipping is a safe, painless way of protecting your animal. Contact us to schedule this service today.
    • Dentistry - Maintain your pet’s dental health on a routine basis. We offer dental cleanings as well as routine exams to protect your pet’s oral health.
    • Anesthesia - Anesthesia is necessary for some surgical procedures, though we use it only when it is absolutely necessary. Our team ensures your pet remains safe throughout procedures.
    • Digital X-Ray/Radiology - We offer on-site x-rays and radiology services. This helps keep your pet safe while providing information we need to make care decisions.
    • Dermatology (Skin Disorders) - Our dermatology services can help your pet overcome rashes and irritations. Contact us today for an appointment if your pet is itchy or has red skin.
    • Endocrinology - Ensuring proper hormone balance is essential for pets just like it is for humans. We offer diagnostics, treatment, and prevention.
    • Digital Ultrasound - Digital ultrasounds help to provide a clear view of what’s happening within your pet. We recommend them for their fast results.
    • Ophthalmology (Eye Care) - Caring for your pet’s vision is important. We offer routine exams and surgical procedures.
    • Soft Tissue Surgery - Surgeries for tissues from lacerations or illness are performed in our offices.
    • Internal Medicine - Our team offers full internal medicine care and surgery for organ health and disease management.
    • Pain Management - Minimizing pain and improving quality of life is something we strive for.

Contact Our Local Evans Veterinarians for a Comprehensive List of Services

Hill Top Animal Hospital proudly provides a wide array of services to best serve the pets of Evans, GA and surrounding areas. We offer friendly and professional staff, flexible veterinarian hours. Contact us at 706-303-4571 for a comprehensive list of services and to schedule an appointment today.

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