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Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery with our Evans Veterinarian

pet surgery with a Evans VeterinarianIf your pet suffers damage to an organ or any other soft tissues in his or her body, surgery may be needed to fully repair the injury. Soft tissue surgery allows for the re-connection or repair of tissues damaged from disease processes or injuries of all kinds. Your vet will perform this type of surgery on your pet only when needed to reach a full recovery. You will be able to partner with your pet throughout this process to keep your pet calm and comfortable every step of the way.

Reasons for Soft Tissue Surgery

The soft tissues in your pet’s body include every organ, muscle, ligament, tendon, and airway. If damage to these structures occurs, your vet may need to perform a prompt surgical procedure to repair those areas. Without surgery, your pet could suffer from breathing problems, high pain levels, open wounds and many other complications.  

What to Expect

When your pet requires internal soft tissue surgery, the vet will put your put under general anesthesia for the ultimate comfort of your furry friend. The procedure will be performed using proven tools and techniques, as vet assistants watch your pet’s vitals closely. Your pet will remain in recovery until the anesthetics wear off. Depending on the condition treated, your pet may need to stay overnight after the soft tissue surgery procedure.

Your Role in the Recovery Process

You will play an important role in the recovery process, no matter when your pet returns home with you. You may need to administer medication, provide wound care and monitor your pet’s overall condition for several days or weeks after the procedure. Your vet will provide comprehensive aftercare instructions for you to follow for the care of your pet through recovery and beyond.

Schedule Veterinary Care for Your Pet Today

If your pet requires care from a skilled vet, contact our team at (706) 303-4571 to schedule an appointment. At Hilltop Animal Hospital, we provide our patients with comprehensive care to facilitate their rapid and full recovery from illnesses and injuries of all kinds.

Contact us to see how we can help your pet remain in excellent health.  


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