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Vaccination FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Vaccinations From Our Evans Veterinarian

Modern veterinary medicine has developed a number of important vaccines to protect animals from common illnesses that can threaten their health and their lives. At Hill Top Animal Hospital, we provide vaccines against common diseases that can threaten your pet’s health and life. Here are some frequently asked questions about vaccines that patients often ask.

Dog getting vaccinated
What are vaccines for?

Vaccines help to prime pets’ immune systems to fight against disease organisms. They contain antigens that look like the organism, but don’t cause the disease. The animal’s immune system is stimulated by these antigens, which helps its body to fight the disease if it is exposed to it.

When should my pet be vaccinated?

Kittens and puppies should receive a series of vaccines at 3-week intervals in the early months of their lives. By about four months of age, they receive their final vaccination, and they should receive annual booster vaccinations.

Why is it important to vaccinate my pet at different stages of life?

In the early years of your pet's life vaccines are important because young animals' immune systems are not fully developed, and common diseases can be particularly serious. In the adult years, your pet may be in contact with other animals that can transmit a disease. In the later years, animals are less able to withstand illnesses and could be seriously affected by these common diseases.

What vaccines are offered at Hilltop Animal Hospital?

Your dog can receive parvovirus, canine hepatitis, distemper and rabies vaccinations at your Evans veterinarian’s office. Cats can receive vaccinations against calicivirus, distemper, rhinotracheitis, and rabies.

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Dr. Scholer and Dr. Greene use their extensive training in veterinary medicine to ensure the health of their patients in Evans, GA and nearby communities. We are a full-service veterinarian, including examination, parasite prevention, surgery, dental care, laboratory services, and boarding. Call Hill Top Animal Hospital today at (706) 303-4571 for an appointment to have your pet vaccinated against the common diseases that can threaten health.

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